The Nadia Nicolas Lean on Me Ministry


Sunday - 1 PM Sunday School, 1:30 PM Worship Service | Friday - 6:30 PM Prayer Meeting


The Nadia Nicolas Lean on me ministry is established to provide basic, physical, mental and spiritual support to individuals affected by difficulties resulting from a diagnosis of lung cancer, asthma and other respiratory diseases.

A group of ministers, chaplains, lay people , caring individuals have been screened to be avaialble to hold someone's hand, be the ear on the other side of a phone line, be the physical presence needed and be the courrier to support in any which way an individual that needs our help.  When families are burdened, not available or for any reason that the support is needed, our Lean on me support team will be available.

It is our goal as we grow to be able to have a facility where people can come and receive the medical, physical, spiritual, mental support they need as they go through these challenging times in their lives.

To support this ministry you can click give at the bottom of the home page to donate.  You can donate through cash app at 617 991-7686. You can text GIVE to 844 970 2629.

To become a LEAN ON ME COUNSELOR, to ask for support or to contact us, please simply complete the online form below. (Please allow 1-2 business days for a response.) For immediate assistance, please call 617 977 4755.

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